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Our Flat Fee Law Firm Journey

In the legal world, charging hourly is the norm, but we chose a different path from the start. Today, we share our story of how we built a law firm without relying on hourly rates or billable hours, and how we embraced a new approach to legal services.

When we began AGS Law, we knew we didn't want to bill by the hour for most of the services we provide. We believed that practicing law should be about connecting with clients, understanding their needs, and collaborating to find solutions. So we decided to ditch hourly rates and opt for mostly flat fee (or capped fee) pricing.

Our reasons were simple:

1. Putting Clients First: We wanted our clients to feel confident that our focus was on them - not on the clock. By eliminating hourly billing and required billable hours for our attorneys, we could prioritize our clients interests above all else.

2. Trust and Collaboration: Hourly rates can discourage clients from reaching out with questions or concerns. We prefer open communication and trust, so we adopted flat fees, value-based fees, and capped fees.

3. Innovating for Efficiency: Without hourly-rate pricing, we were motivated to find innovative and efficient ways to serve our clients better, using technology and streamlined processes.

Over time, AGS Law flourished, and our clients appreciated our transparent pricing and clear communication. We were thrilled to make a positive impact on their businesses and lives.

We are committed to challenging the status quo and improving the legal experience. Our journey reminds us that sometimes, doing things differently can lead to better outcomes. We're proud to be a mostly flat-fee law firm, building strong connections with our clients and providing legal services that truly matter.

By putting clients first, fostering trust, and embracing innovation, we've created a unique legal practice that prioritizes people over the clock. We invite others in the legal community to join us on this journey of positive change, where providing legal services is about making a difference, not counting hours.


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